How innovative are early medieval manuscripts of the Etymologiae?

When I began my Innovating Knowledge project more than four years ago, one of my intentions was to map how manuscripts of the Etymologiae attracted interpolations and other ‘edits’ in the early Middle Ages. As the Etymologies is an encyclopaedia, and moreover one that its author never completed, it is no surprise that it actedContinue reading “How innovative are early medieval manuscripts of the Etymologiae?”

485 manuscripts of the Etymologiae under one roof!

It is official: the Innovating Knowledge project had successfully ended a few weeks ago! (A project bilan summing up what it achieved and what are some of its tastiest outputs will be published soon, I promise.) For now, let me introduce you to the most significant project tool: a database of all surviving and identifiedContinue reading “485 manuscripts of the Etymologiae under one roof!”

Pre tých, ktorých zaujímajú dejiny epidémii

Váš najskromnejší rozprávač sa s vami dnes chce podeliť s malou novinkou: tento mesiac vychádza v slovenčina kniha, na ktorej sa autorsky podieľal. Ide o Epidémie v dejinách z dielne redakcie HistoryWebu. O čom táto kniha je asi samovravné. Váš najskromnejší rozprávač prispel do tohoto titulu troma článkami. Dva z nich sú venované starším epidémiamContinue reading “Pre tých, ktorých zaujímajú dejiny epidémii”