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Homo modernus – your favorite medievalist with a story.

Homo modernus is brought to you by Evina Steinová. Evina is working in humanistic research and scholarly story-telling since she decided to embark on a PhD in Medieval Studies in 2011. She has been studying the European Middle Ages ever since, working at various academic institutions in the Netherlands (Huygens ING, Amsterdam, Utrecht University) and Canada (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies). Her current research concerns the emergence of innovation in the early Middle Ages, medieval knowledge infrastructure, books as a technology, the transformation of the Roman world into the medieval Europe, and medieval Jewish history. Her expertise lies in the areas of Classical and Medieval Latin, Latin palaeography and manuscripts, history of ideas, and digital humanities. She is also engaged in writing and speaking about historical topics for popular audiences and publishes her work semi-regularly in newspapers, magazines, and on online platforms both in English and in Slovak (Czech), her mother tongue.

What are some of the things she can do for you?

Write a research article

Write a popularizing feature

Give you a consultation on medieval European history

Give a scientific lecture

Give a popularizing talk

Organize a historical board game event

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